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Open to the Community of Antioch
2017 Loan Review Committee
Tim Coley, Chairperson
Ed Marquez, Member
Tina Holland, Member
Steve Aiello, Alternate Member
 General Duties of Loan Review Committee:
1.Meet no less frequently than monthly and more frequently as require by the volume of business referred to the loan review committee for decision or review.
2. Review applications for loans and make decisions upon such applications within the authority delegated to the committee. All loan decisions must be based on the loan policies established by the board of directors and in compliance with applicable local law(s).
3. Provide financial counseling to members in the wise use of credit.
4. Act upon the request of a member with respect to amendment of the terms and conditions of a loan provided that such amendment falls within the loan policy.
5. Give preference to the smaller loan applications if the need and credit factors are equal should adequate funds not be available to meet all loan demand.
6. Review credit union loan and collection policies along with performance. Recommend changes to the policies to improve loan underwriting and collection efforts.
7. Evaluate the credit union's lending performance annually and compare it to past periods by reviewing a breakdown of the number and dollar amount of loans outstanding by purpose and collateral, total number and amount of loans approved and declined, the total number of borrowers, the ratio of borrowers to members, the average loan size, the delinquent loan to total loan ratio, and the net charge off/average loan ratio.
8. Prepare and present a report at the AGM summarizing the loan activity for the year.
9. Remain current on all personal credit obligations with the credit union.
10. Appoint loan officers to assume all or part of the loan granting function. Ensure that the loan officers carry out their duties according to all legal requirements, board policies, and loan review guidelines.


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