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Open to the Community of Antioch

2017 Supervisory Committee

Janan Roybal, Chairperson
Earline LaBuy, Member
Gary Ellison, Member

General Duties of Supervisory Committee:
1. Perform or select an external auditor to perform the annual audit of the financial records and books of the credit union
2. Perform or contract with a qualified individual to perform internal audits monthly of:
  • different operational areas to evaluate the books and records for accuracy,
  • the assets for security, and
  • the procedures for the proper handling and use of funds, and make accounting and procedural recommendations regarding internal controls. Internal audits should, at a minimum, include the following: physical cash and negotiable item counts, review of investments, bank account reconcilement, random sample and review of outstanding loans and loans granted in the past 6 months, review of loans on the delinquent loan list, compliance with policies and procedures, determination that general ledger accounts balance with their subsidiary ledgers, verification of opened and closed accounts, review of employee savings, shares, and loan accounts, and a review of internal control reports.
3. Present all internal audit findings and the annual audit report to the board at their regular monthly meetings. all information should be presented in writing and retained with the board minutes.
4. Perform or select an external auditor to perform a 100% verification of the member deposit, share, and loan accounts with the records. A record should be maintained of this verification and the results reported to the board and AGM.
5. Follow-up on all recommendations made during the external audits, periodic internal audits, and regulatory exams and ensure they have been implemented.
6. Ensure that the credit union complies with the law, regulations, bylaws, AGM resolutions, and established policies.
7. Present the annual audit report and the findings at the AGM.
8. Remain current on all personal credit obligations with the credit union.
9. Receive and investigate any compliant or appeal by members concerning the operations of the credit union.



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