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What's New

Our website design has changed. We hope the new design will be more user friendly to our members.

Are you signed up for E-Statements? What's E-Statements you say? E-Statements are an electronic way to receive your monthly statement. If you are signed up for Online Banking, all you have to do is click on the "View Statements" tab and follow the directions. If you are not set up for Online Banking, contact the credit union to have the form sent to you. E-Statements are safer than paper statements in the mail. You do not have to worry about someone taking your statement out of the mail box while you are not home. E-Statements are available on the first day of each month for you to view or print if you choose to. When you sign up for E-Statements, the credit union will make a one time deposit of $5.00 to your savings account to thank you for signing up.

We have a new type of loan! It's our "Short on Funds Today" loan or "SOFT" loan. Contact Desiree in our Loan Department for more details.

The Credit Union is doing Home Loans again. Contact Desiree in the Loan Department for more information.

Did you know we have a coin counter? You no longer have to roll your coin, just bring it into the credit union and we will count it for you. There is no charge to do this.

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Antioch Community
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